Consignment FAQS

Days and Times: Tuesdays 10:00am - 1:00pm
Please sign in by 12:30pm

  • Items accepted weekly change depending on the type of item consigned, how quickly it sells and the space available. If you wish to consign and have questions, please call us (415-454-8472) for an update of items we are presently not accepting.

  • Items should be capable of being viewed and priced within 45 minutes.

  • A photograph of large pieces of furniture is required before bringing for consignment, including dimensions. This is to determine whether we can take the piece and when, depending on space available. Interested consignors may email photos and info to us.

  • Consignor may terminate consignment and pick up items on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please call office to arrange times. Consignor receives 50% of the sale price.

  • Consignors may pick up their items anytime during the 3 months.

  • Laurel House Antiques is not responsible for damage to or loss of articles left on consignment due to breakage, mysterious disappearance, burglary or any other cause other than fire. Consignors should consult their insurance policies for coverage.

  • Laurel House Antiques does not notify consignors of expiration dates. Please mark your calendar.

  • Items should be clean and in good condition: no cracks, scratches, repairs, excessive wear or obvious chips. Silver should be polished and glass should be sparkling.

  • We post a list on the Pricing Room board of items we are not accepting at any given time due to lack of space or oversupply. We will also update our website as possible.

  • $30 is the lowest price of items in the shop. The determination to take, or not to take, an item is at the discretion of Laurel House.


A tax deductible receipt is given for donations which are gratefully accepted during any day we are open. These items are usually classified as collectibles in china, ceramics, glass, wood, linens, brass, jewelry, lamps, paintings, oriental items and silver which otherwise would not qualify for sale in our shop.